Moving Day (Again)

As I noted here, I’ve been having trouble leaving comments at other blogs. This makes it very hard to join the community. So I’ve switched to self-hosted WP. Come on over and say hi at my new blog; hopefully I’ll be able to comment on yours now, too!


Disappearing Comments

I haven’t been here at for all that long, and I don’t think I’ll stick around.

I’ve found that when I comment at someone else’s blog, my comment disappears. This has happened several times, and it’s very disheartening, because I like to respond to thoughtful prose with thoughtful comments, and it’s hard to recreate what I commented after it disappears.

I checked to see if this happens to other people, and apparently it does. But as you can see here and here and (quite cleverly) here, no one has a solution.

It’s too bad, because I like the rest of But I’m no techie, so I think I will look into other options before long, because blogging is no fun when you can’t form community with others.