Trading a Big House for a Tiny House

This story about a company in Missouri that builds tiny houses has an interesting lede: a family is selling their big house and moving into a tiny house even though they can afford the big house. The reason? The big house eats up so much money that they haven’t been able to go on a vacation in seven years. They’ve decided to live debt-free and be able make memories instead of spending all their cash on a big, impressive home.

I get it. I used to live in a big house. It was a great place to raise our large family, but it cost a lot in upkeep, utilities and (especially) property taxes. So I understand where the woman in the article is coming from. I imagine that no matter how much you love your house, when it begins to keep you from doing other things you want to do, you start to fall out of love with it.

I suspect this woman may find her new digs to be a little constrained. She might be better off buying something a bit larger than a tiny house, but more affordable than her current large home. In any case, we’re seeing more and more of this sort of thing as people try to stay afloat financially and enjoy life at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Trading a Big House for a Tiny House

  1. Tiny homes are a new version of mobile homes . I have followed their improvements for over 15 yrs. I’m one that would like living in small qtrs. however under 500 sq. ft. is too small and women alone have a safety issue.


    • I guess it depends on where you park your tiny home, Margaret, when it comes to safety. As for size, three of us are living in 1,000 square feet, and I love it. We came from 2300+ sf, and that was a lot of work to keep clean. This is much more manageable, and I suspect as I age, it may even seem too big! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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