Nomads for a Reason

This isn’t just another story of a family that sold everything so they could travel. This family lost their little girl a few years ago, and are dealing with their grief as they travel the world while homeschooling their remaining children. They make it clear that home is where your family is, not where your McMansion stuffed with smart TVs and high-end furniture is.

We found that to be true after the last recession forced us to downsize and move away from our large family home that we built and that was paid off. We lived in rental housing for four years before we found the lovely little town we now live in, and the sweet little house we now call home. Even when we were in rentals, and selling off most of our belongings via garage sales and Craig’s List, we knew that as long as we were together, we would be fine, and we were.

My heart goes out to this young family.


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