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Turning Clutter Into Cash

When I get rid of clutter, I want to be rid of it, to not see it again, sometimes because I’m afraid I’ll change my mind, and other times because I just want to consider my decluttering effort a job that’s done and can be checked off my list.

But I did invest in all those things at one point, and I can see why it would be wise to sell some of the things I’ve decided to give up instead of just donating them wherever. This article about turning clutter into cash has some great ideas. Will I do it next time? We’ll see! How about you? Have you done this before, and was it worth the effort?

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Give While You Live

Years ago, there was a very wealthy man named Percy Ross who decided to devote the rest of his life to giving away his money. With some secretarial help, he read letters he received from people who wanted some of his cash, and decided whose situations were most worth supporting financially.

Those letters were part of a syndicated column that I used to read. One of the things I remember him saying repeatedly was “He who gives while he lives, knows where it goes.”

This isn’t just true of cash; it’s also true of stuff. We all have treasured possessions, our own or inherited from people who were special to us, that we just can’t give up. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but what will happen to those items after we pass away? What if our heirs drop those items off at the Goodwill, or worse, hurriedly toss them in a dumpster because our house needs to be emptied and sold by a certain date?

The answer to this dilemma, of course, is to give those items to people we care about before we die. Rather than let things remain stored away or just collect dust, we can give them to people who might actually use them.

Yes, it’s hard to part with such items. But you can always take photos of them so you can look at them when you wish; meanwhile the actual items might go on to have a little longer useful life and become valuable to someone else. Sure beats having your treasures wind up in a landfill.

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Life in One Box

This woman, who is a millionaire, says she can fit all her possessions in one box. She doesn’t even own a house or car. I guess I’m having a little trouble believing her because those kinds of large-ticket items can often be welcome tax deductions for those who make a lot of money.

But if she’s telling the truth, I have to admit I admire her. I have far fewer possessions than I had ten years ago, before we downsized our lives. But I still have more than enough and have to be very good about weeding things out from time to time. I can see where she might enjoy not having to do that. The decision-making is tiring, for sure.

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Small, Portable, Affordable Housing

As the economy gets harder to live with in some areas, people are coming up with unique ways to survive financially. School buses are often the choice of those who want to work with their hands to make a portable home for their family, so that they can go where the work is without leaving their family behind.

I think we will see more of this as long as incomes fail to keep up with living expenses.